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The Rob Hill Foundation is offering a free Online Workshop & Support Group to help manage anxiety, stress and depression while providing people with a method to remove the want and needs of their addictions. This safe-space is available every Monday 7.30pm to 8.30pm via Zoom.

What’s so different about Chris Hill’s recovery programme?

  • It’s a very simple model / solution suitable for all ages and learning abilities.
  • A model that doesn’t rely on willpower so no sense of deprivation is felt.
  • It has no religious aspects – so it has universal appeal.
  • No reliance on any pharmaceutical supplementation – reduces costs and prevents addiction to other medications / substances.
  • It works quickly, change happens within a few weeks usually.
  • Learning achieved offers empowerment, self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • A ‘life-tool’ that can be reused for other addictions, and to create life-change.
  • A module of the learning tackles the learner’s ability to manage anxiety, stress, and chaotic thoughts and overwhelm; so it tackles mental wellbeing as well as addiction.


The charity's free helpline is receiving an unprecedented amount of calls from people concerned about their consumption of alcohol and other substances, people suffering extreme anxiety, those experiencing domestic violence and relationship breakdown, those with suicidal thoughts and more. 


About The Rob Hill Foundation

The Rob Hill Foundation (Registered Charity No. 1181220) is dedicated to Rob Hill (left), twin brother to Chris Hill, who tragically lost his life May 2014 to an accidental drug overdose. The charity aims to reach out to as many people in the world as possible and share the solution to beating addiction; so that other families do not suffer in the same way.

About Chris Hill

Chris Hill is an addiction expert and the best-selling author of Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction. After losing his twin brother and having battled 20 years of addiction himself to drugs, alcohol and nicotine - Chris discovered the solution to overcoming addiction and then created a programme to teach this method to others. He does this through his Beat Addiction Programme (available free to download), his book, online course, workshops, seminars and one-to-one support. Chris has helped thousands of people beat addiction and turn their lives around – return to families, start or return to work, keep their homes, take the next positive step in life …

What we do

The Rob Hill Foundation helps people beat addiction to both substances and activities; as well as empowering them to deal effectively with anxiety, stress and depression. This extends to dealing with trauma, any fear-based conditions and OCD.

The charity targets people who struggle to find help through the health service, those on benefits, those at risk of homelessness and those who are already homeless; but workshops are open to all. 

The charity has delivered workshops to service users of local homeless charities in the Woolwich and Sidcup, Kent area in the UK. These were extremely well received and saw service users recover from life-long addictions. This has allowed many to consider seeking employment or training and taking up other offers of help and support.

In addition, the charity runs an expanding network of free workshops and support groups helping people deal with their addictions. Chris and his team of trained workshop leaders deliver Chris's Beat My Addictions recovery programme and those attending receive on-going support both from the workshop leaders and other members of the group at different stages of recovery. This builds a ‘community’ around the individual, which lessens the sense of isolation and improves confidence to progress.

The charity’s vision is to expand the workshops to other parts of London and other major cities in the UK and eventually for the work to have a world-wide reach. 

Where the money goes

All donations are gratefully received

Your money will go to:

  • Expanding the free workshops to other areas of London and the UK; collaborating with homeless charities and food banks.
  • Distributing free copies of the Beat Addiction Programme as widely as possible.
  • Taking out a mobile ‘health bus’ to shopping centres and public spaces to highlight addiction and mental health issues and the support on offer.
  • Piloting an early intervention scheme to help those at risk of homelessness to deal with their addiction problems; to prevent family break-ups and job losses.
  • Training frontline workers from charities and other organisations to better understand addiction and mental health; and eventually to deliver the Beat Addiction Programme.
  • Initiating a campaign to de-stigmatise addiction and mental health so that people no longer feel shame around needing help, asking for help and then knowing where to get that help.
  • Reaching out to homeless people through our Back to Kindness campaign; with guidance and help to access the charity’s services.

Find a Workshop

The charity funds free addiction workshops and support groups. We are working hard to expand to other parts of London and throughout the UK. Please select your location to find a workshop near you.

Back to Kindness – public awareness campaign

In association with Denise Mortimer & Ministry of Sound

Our Back to Kindness rucksack distribution event has been held once a year at Christmas for the past three years. It has received the support of Ministry of Sound who have offered us their premises for the volunteers to meet and sort the distribution. And supplied food and refreshments complimentary to all.

We receive donations of filled rucksacks containing NEW essential items for those living on the streets, such as a hat, gloves, scarf, thermals, tooth brush, toothpaste etc. And some food items which might otherwise be a luxury such as chocolate and biscuits. We also include a hand-written card or home-made card from children.

  • Second hand, quality warm coats and jackets.
  • Boots and shoes suitable for winter months.
  • Food vouchers (from outlets that only sell food)
  • Sleeping bags

We have around 150 volunteers and in excess of 1000 rucksacks and sleeping bags. We go out onto the streets of London and talk to homeless people, give them some time and attention, listen to their stores and distribute the rucksacks. The purpose of this event is to:

  • Raise awareness of homelessness
  • Enable people of all ages to get involved and help someone less fortunate than themselves.
  • Make someone’s day – let people living on the streets know they are not forgotten. And give them some useful items.
  • Deliver the Beat Addiction Plan

Restoring faith

We want to expand this out to the whole of the UK

Restoring someone’s faith in humanity can have a profound and lasting effect on an individual and it is our belief that this positive gesture may start the ball-rolling for anyone thinking about reaching out and asking for help; or undertaking the necessary steps to improve their situation.

Contact us

 For all enquiries, please contact Chris Hill  by sending

 an email to team@robhillfoundation.org

 or call 0800 644 6313

Contact Us

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Or Call 0800 644 6313