Back to Kindness – Public Awareness Campaign

Our Back to Kindness rucksack distribution event has been held once a year at Christmas for the past seven years. It has received the support of Ministry of Sound who have offered us their premises for the volunteers to meet and sort the distribution, and supplied food and refreshments complimentary to all.

We receive donations of filled rucksacks containing NEW essential items for those living on the streets, such as a hat, gloves, scarf, thermals, tooth brush, toothpaste etc. And some food items which might otherwise be a luxury such as chocolate and biscuits. We also include a hand-written card or home-made card from children.

  • Second hand, quality warm coats and jackets
  • Boots and shoes suitable for winter months
  • Food vouchers (from outlets that only sell food)
  • Sleeping bags

We have around 150 volunteers and in excess of 1000 rucksacks and sleeping bags. We go out onto the streets of London and talk to homeless people, give them some time and attention, listen to their stores and distribute the rucksacks. The purpose of this event is to:

  • raise awareness of homelessness
  • enable people of all ages to get involved and help someone less fortunate than themselves
  • make someone’s day – let people living on the streets know they are not forgotten and give them some useful items
  • deliver the Beat Addiction Plan
Back to Kindness volunteers
Little boy talking to homeless man

We want to expand this out to the whole of the UK

Restoring someone’s faith in humanity can have a profound and lasting effect on an individual and it is our belief that this positive gesture may start the ball-rolling for anyone thinking about reaching out and asking for help; or undertaking the necessary steps to improve their situation.