Our thanks goes out to everyone!

We raised around £7,000 thanks to your kind support of our runners in the virtual London Marathon last year.

Help us prepare for end of lockdown

Last year, you very generously gave around £7,000 to us to support our work; particularly in helping disadvantaged people and those facing homelessness. We're very proud to say that in addition to the work we do, as a foundation, we were able to donate £1,000 of this money to our local homeless charity Woolwich Service User's Project (WSUP). This will go to support homeless people using the charity's invaluable services on a weekly basis.

During lockdown, our workshops merged into one online help and support group every Monday 7pm to 8.30 pm and so far we've helped in excess of 500 people in this way; by teaching the addiction model and then offering support on a weekly basis.

It's been a surprise though to learn from people who used to attend our physical groups that they miss having a group to go to and the support delivered in that way. In order to safely re-open our six regional workshops as well as begin to widen our network - we're going to need funds not only for hall / room hire but also to be COVID-safe; to do rigorous cleaning and provide hand sanitation, masks etc.

So any money you donate now will help us prepare to reopen and begin delivering much needed support to communities. In fact, our help has never been needed quite so much and our phone lines have never been busier.

These workshops tackle not only addiction but mental health, in particular anxiety management, stress, depression and more. With lockdown and the increase in consumption of addictive substances, with the limitations of what we're able to do and where we're able to go, with job losses and relationship difficulties - people have really struggled; and COVID has taken its toll.

At the end of it all, or at least when restrictions allow - we want to be there - ready to help!

All our workshop leaders have been through the BeatMyAddictions® programme successfully; beating addiction to alcohol, drugs, nicotine, prescription medication and more. They are all experienced at delivering the learning and offering support.

Help us raise funds for more free addiction workshops and the continued provision of addiction and mental health support for those who need it. No barriers, no criteria, no waiting lists - immediate help to beat any addiction which is free to all.

Once given the go-ahead by the government to continue our community efforts - funds will also support our work with homeless people as well as conducting outreach to raise awareness of addiction and mental health to children and adults of all ages through schools and community settings.

A big thank you to everyone who has donated and / or will donate in future - we can't do this without you!